Taurus - First ever high-performance side-by-side self-launching LSA glider available now!

Pipistrel is pround to announce the availablility of the Taurus LSA, the first ever high-performance two-seat self-launching glider!
Ajdovščina, Slovenia, 10 June, 2010
Pipistrel, the maker of the award winning double NASA champion Virus SW 100 and World Record holder Apis/Bee debuts the first ever high-performance LSA accepted side-byside self-launching glider, the Taurus LSA.

Pipistrel is pround to announce the availablility of the Taurus LSA, the first ever high-performance two-seat self-launching glider with all advantages of the LSA category.
The MTOW has been increased to 550 kg/1210 lbs which provides for an impressive payload of more than 250 kg/550 lbs!

Taurus LSA is equipped with an impressive 50 HP retractable powerpack, allowing for completely unassisted powerful takeoffs also on supershort runways and glider fields. Takeoff distance is less than 600ft even when fully loaded and the rate of climb settles at the 600 fpm mark. In the world of two-seat self-launching gliders, such take-off and climb performance are not seen every day!

In the Taurus LSA you will reach 3000 ft AGL is less than 6 minutes and  this is where the Intelligent Engine Control System takes over. The system is fully automated, making sure that the propeller has positioned itself correctly and retracts the engine for you while you concentrate on finding that perfect lift. Built-in safety even prevents inadvertent start-ups or retractions of the engine!

As a glider, Taurus LSA sports a glide ratio of 41:1 and features 5-stage flaperons to improve the performance at both low- and high speeds. On OLC database there is a multitude of flights showing off Taurus high performance, including the high altitude Record flight with 6628 meters in Greece!

cockpit 2  cockpit 1

One thing you notice immediately on the Taurus LSA is the luxurious, increadibly spacious and comfortable side-by-side cockpit, specially optimised for tall pilots. Side-by-side seating arrangement makes communication between the pilots perfect, unlike conventional tandem two-seaters. Full dual controls are reachable to both pilots and the pedals, seats, headrest and ventilation can be adjusted to suit your body and needs in just seconds, also during flight.
For convenient storage and luggage hauling there are side pockets for each pilot and a roomy baggage compartment behind the seat with space for an oxygen system as well. The baggage compartment is accessible during flight, a major breakthrough in gliding!

cockpit 3 

With Taurus LSA, gliding really becomes independent. Gone is the necessity for any assistance during assembly, flying (including take-off) and disassembly- you really can go gliding whenever wish and wherever you wish! Taurus LSA features two paralell, robust main landing gear to achieve ground stability on simple taxing through a steerable tail wheel.

Klaus Ohlmann, multiple gliding World Record holder, speaks about Taurus:

"Taurus has some great advantages, which originate from the ultralight world:

- the glider has enough space in the cockpit for two very large pilots;
- side-by-side seating arrangement is a real reward in comparison to the tandem-seating. Flying the Taurus is a lot more fun;
- the ballistic total-rescue system is huge advantage when compared to conventional motorgliders;
- taxi with the double-wheel undercarriage is a luxury, especially for training flights;
- the overall quality and finish is surprisingly good;
- it has self fitting connections for all flight controls - big plus;
- although being an ultralight, the glider feels like a real glider;
- Taurus will definitely convince some of the ultralight pilots to start gliding;
- the price is about 50% of what you would pay for another self-launching two-seat glider.

I am positive that the Taurus will be a success story in the world of Gliding!"


Safety is Pipistrel's primary concern. Taurus LSA features the Safety Cockpit Concept. The entire cabin area is encased with energy absorbing structures made from Kevlar fibre, an amazing material which maintains the integrity of the cabin and makes it safe also in case of stronger impacts. Together with our special Safety Cockpit Concept the Taurus can also be equipped with the ballistic parachute rescue system, which saves the complete aircraft together with the crew in case of severe emergencies.


Ready for the future?

Have you ever wandered what is it like to fly all electric? Virtually silent and vibriation free? With no emissions whatsoever and for the fraction of the the usual cost? Inquire about the Taurus Electro, a fully electric-powered version of Taurus LSA with same performance numbers.
Electro taurus mala

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