Taurus Electro received gold medal at the Biennial of Industrial Design

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The opening of an exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana was officially the start of the 22. Biennial of Industrial Design (Slovene acronym BIO). The central part of the event with nearly 50 years of tradition was the exhibition of 132 chosen products from 24 countries. At the opening event the organisers awarded a series of design awards - three gold medals BIO, ten honourable mentions BIO, one award for the student work and seven
Quality Concept Awards BIO.

We are proud to anounce that the jury of experts awarded the gold medal to our Taurus Electro, the first teo-seat electric aircraft in the world, developed by Ivo Boscarol and the Pipistrel team.

Pipistrel taurus je osvojil zlato medaljo

Pipistrel Taurus Electro won the gold medal

The jury of experts: Luigi Ferrara, Canada, Chair of the Jury
Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan, Hong Kong
Malcolm Garrett, United Kingdom
Peter Krečič, Slovenia
Sanna Simola, Finland
chose the glider because of its "supreme beauty and modern technology, hidden beneath the surface".

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An interesting music act announced the beginning of the awards ceremony...

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...followed by the speakers:

IMG 3845 IMG 3847 IMG 3852  
Guests were welcomed by Matevž Čelik, the director of the Museum of Architecture and Design, the keynote speakers was Mr. Janez Škrabec, Chair of the BIO Organising Committee, and Gregor Golobič, the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

IMG 3859 IMG 3855
The report of the jury was given by Mr. Luigi Ferrara, the Chair of the Jury. Majda Å irca, the minister for culture, also made a speech.

The recipients of the BIO awards were announced at the event.

Pipistrel Taurus Electro, the first two-seat glider with an auxiliary electric engine, received one of three gold medals, the highest BIO award.

The concept and honourable mention awards were awarded by the Chair of the Jury, Mr. Luigi Ferrara.
The gold medals were awarded by Mrs. Špela Šubic, secretary of BIO, minister Mr. Gregor Golobič and minister Mrs. Majda Širca.

nagrada2 nagrada3 nagrada1
Ivo Boscarol receiving the award from the hands of Mr. Ferrara and minister Golobič.

IMG 3866
"This is adesign where form truly follows function in the most aesthetically pleasing way. The plane is sublimely attractive, yet its innovations are understated."

skupna IMG 3892 IMG 3895
Photo-session with all the award recipients. The gold medal recipients in the third photo.

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The exhibition of the 22. Biennial of Industrial Design was officially opened by a special guest Philippe Starck.

670x420 bio5 IMG 3899 
The star of the evening - Pipistrel's Taurus Electro

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Minister Gregor Golobič and Mr. Boscarol

IMG 3880
G. Boscarolu receiving congratulations from Mr. Franci PliberÅ¡ek, CEO of  MIK Celje

IMG 3878
Ivo Boscarol and Philippe Starck

Video - view the opening event and the awards ceremony online!

Report of the jury  - in Slovene language

The award and the medal
plaketa  MEDALJA
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