We! project pilots landed in Slovenia

Two Indian pilot ladies are on a mission to accomplish a legendary flight around the world - and we are very proud they are doing it with a third "lady", our Pipistrel aircraft. The project WE! ("Women Empower") is the world’s first circumnavigation by Indian women pilots in a motorglider - which is, in fact, a Pipistrel aircraft Sinus 912, nicknamed "Mahi".  More information about the project here: https://www.pipistrel.si/news/flight-around-the-world-weexpedition

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On their website https://theweexpedition.wordpress.com/author/theweexpedition/  two pilots, Capt. Keithair Misquitta and Capt. Aarohi Pandit report about the progress of their flight around the world in the following weeks. The mission started in Patiala, Punjab and will approximately 90 days with 70+ planned landings over 21 countries.


UPDATE: on 23. August the pilots landed in Ajdovščina, Slovenia.

Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1149

On a press conference at Pipistrel, the two brave pilots, Capt. Keithair Misquitta and Capt. Aarohi Pandit introduced themselves, their aircraft and their project. The team was honoured by a visit of His Excellency the Ambassador of Republic of India in Slovenia, Mr. Param Jit Mann.
Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1090 Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1088

Left to right: Mrs. Ingrid Heuffel Berginc, director of Pipistrel d.o.o.; H.E. the Ambassador Mr. Param Jit Mann; Capt. Keithair Misquitta; Capt. Aarohi Pandi; the Chairman of Navy Blue Foundation, Mr. Tapan Nandi; and the Founder of Pipistrel, Mr. Ivo Boscarol.

Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1147 Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1132
The event raised a lot of interest - not just among the media. H.E. the Ambassador was also impressed when he sat inside the aircraft.

Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1196 Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1162 Pipistrel Matjaz Milavec 1119

Friday, 10. August: The project is well in progress!

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On Friday the pilots are reporting:

"It's just been 12 days since the WE! Expedition took off and we are proud to report that our little plane is already going down in history for being the very first VT registered (Indian civilian) VFR ultralight flight to land and fly in Pakistan from India since Independence!
A team from the Indian High Commission, led by Group Captain JT Kurien, made their way to Karachi to welcome our pilots. All of us at WE! are deeply grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan and the Indian High Commission in Islamabad for enabling the permissions for the flight. And a special word of thanks for NEXUS, our trip support partner, who specially organised Customs and Immigration in Bhuj for our pilots, and made sure they were well looked after in Karachi when they realised that the planned 2-3 hour tech halt was going to turn into an overnighter.
Now that we're in country No.3, having completed seven legs with a little over 1400 nm behind us, we realise now how many more miles we still have to cover. We also realise that every day of this journey is going to be action-packed and every take off and landing is going to be special."
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