Sinus - A typical Mission - Cruising and Soaring :


Weekend in Greece:

Gliding in Greece:


Extremely short take-off and gliding in Brasil:


Sinus 912 at Santa Cruz, Portugal (©Rui Santos):


Sinus in Action (Greece):


Handling Demo (Greece):

Over water (Greece):


XL Cross Country - Greece to Italy and Back:


Sinus NW Demo (Greece):


8.500 km with a Pipistrel Sinus - Athens (Greece) to Nordkapp (Norway):

Two videos on the website of International Airshow Maribor 2008

Sinus 912 with an outboard camera flying over Tundra:

Sinus 912: High Altitude Flight (12.500ft) under ATC control


A Summer flight with Sinus over Italy



A flight over the west side of Rio de Janeiro

A nice short video from a wing-tip mounted camera, by one of our customers.

Sinus flying over the Swiss Alps, video by team Pipistrel Switzerland

Nejc Faganelj, Pipistrel test pilot, flying the Sinus over Turkey:

Another video of Sinus flying in Turkey:

Gerry Hunphreys, ex Harrier pilot demonstrates our Pipistrel Sinus at the Bray Air Show in July 2011
(this is an external link, it will take you to the Pipistrel Ireland website where the video is):
bray video

Gliding with Sinus (in HD) by Alan Morrison

Vôo na Serra da Canastra from morrisonxc on Vimeo.


Flying with Sinus - A beautiful video by Thierry Drago, France


Sinus flying in Ecuador, by Mr. Galo Villagómez Holguín:


Sinus Flex: an aircraft as beautiful as it is practical!

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