Virus SW 121 TC EASA.A.573

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SW 121 is the result of over 20 years of experience in designing energy-efficient motor-planes which follow the glider philosophy – using shapes so clean that they enable flight with minimum energy and noise as well as lowest fuel consumption – with the performance staying the same or even better. Approved for intentional spins, SW 121 has the best flight characteristics in its category!

Structural perfection is the sum of knowledge acquired in making of 1300 aircraft of the same family of products. Certified and used in harshest conditions all over the world, the SW 121 fulfills expectations of the most demanding customers – the Indian Ministry of Defense, who acquired almost 200 Pipistrel aircraft for the official basic trainer of Indian Air Force, Navy and National Cadet Corps.

Ivo Boscarol, the General Manager of Pipistrel, says:
“I set a very  high goal to my R&D engineers: to make the best aircraft in the category. I am very proud of them, for they did not only meet my demands – they surpassed them and made a product unparalleled through the history of aviation.”

Pipistrel SW 121 is the most advanced aircraft in its category.
Here are some reasons why:
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The flight characteristics of the SW 121 prove the concept of the aircraft:
simple, extremely efficient, environment-friendly, but with superb performance that can satisfy even the most demanding pilots.

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You can download the catalogue here:
New SW 121 Catalogue - 2017 1.pdf

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