Taurus M

Taurus instrument panel with LX-9000 voice module

Taurus M making a low pass over the Pipistrel factory in Slovenia
(music used: Vangelis - Chariots of Fire)

300 km Cross Country in Brasil


Flying the Taurus at Pipistrel headquarters in Slovenia:


Flying around LJAJ where Pipistrel is located:


Adventure in Brasil:


Adventure in Brasil (2):


Gliding in Brasil:


Gliding in Brasil (2):


Gliding with Taurus

Soaring Cross-country with Taurus - includes some great shots from a helicopter!

A short video of the Taurus aircraft (with petrol engine) flying at the Pipistrel factory in Slovenia

Taurus soaring about the snow-covered peaks in New Zealand.
Ricco with Justin Wills, one of NZ s most experienced glider pilots, flying over Mt Cook.


Taurus flying above the Sleeping Bear Dunes, Empire MI, USA.


First glider pilots to reach Mt.Everest

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