Virus SW

Presentation of Pipistrel  (Russian language) Video.mp4

Presentation of Virus SW and Sinus in Kazakhstan 2013. Beautiful video taken on a beautiful sunny day!

Presentation of Virus SW at the 2011 Sebring Expo, interview with Michael Coates (by Aero News Network):

Tine Tomažič speaks about Virus SW at AERO Friedrichshafen 2009

A very detailed demonstration of Virus at Sebring 2011 Expo, by Dan Johnson.

Virus SW demonstration in Brasil

Flight of Virus SW in Rio

NASA/CAFE Test pilot reviews the Virus:

Clips from the evening news of various Slovenian TV stations, about how Pipistrel Virus plane won the CAFE NASA GAT Challenge 2008 (in Slovenian language)

A long, beautiful and detailed documentary about Virus SW (in Polish language).

Virus SW flies above Lima, Peru

Around the world in Virus 914 - cabin shots of Matevz Lenarcic on his flight


Aero News Network - interview with the USA and Australian distributor, Michael Coates, about the Alpha Trainer:

Aero-TV: Pipistrel's Alpha Trainer - Raising The Bar, Lowering The Cost:

Video on the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft which is used for instruction by
New Garden Flight Connection in Pennsylvania - or how to beat the rush hour with the plane!

 A Winter flight with Virus 912

A summer flight with Virus 912

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