Aerospace design

Aerospace design
Pipistrel operates an own Research and Development Institute. There, state-of-the-art technologies and our expertise are also at your service!

All of the aerospace design is conducted in-house with cooperation of selected skilled professionals and universities. We hold a national aviation DOA certificate number: SLO.DOA.002.

We offer:

-Complete composite design and airframe solutions
-Aerodynamic 2D and 3D design and optimisations, the full CFD service
-Powerplant installation and cooling applications
-Fuel and electrical system/harness design and routing
-Design and implementation of on-board systems
-Stress and Flutter analyses in own testing facility

-Rapid prototyping and milling of mock-ups and molds with an 8-axis robotic milling system.


 Some of our projects and references:

Project Hydrogenius  (more info HERE)