Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance
Professionally trained Pipistrel personnel is at your disposal. Our mechanics and service teams will be glad to perform the following services for you:
-Full aircraft maintenance: Pipistrel Sinus, Virus, Virus SW Taurus and Apis models, powered hang-gliders, Flysyntesis Storch, Wallaby and Canguro.
- Repairs of damaged aircraft
- Composite repairs or plastic parts (more about this HERE)
- Surface re-finishing and maintenance of aircraft, including painting
- Interior re-conditioning
- Pitot system inspection and repair
- Weight and balance procedures
- Propellers maintenance, static and dynamic ballancing as well repairs of damaged propellers

Pipistrel is  the Authorised Distributor and Service Centre for ROTAX aircraft engines. With more than 20 years experience with the ROTAX brand, we are able to provide you the best possible support for the complete range of ROTAX Aircraft engines and their service:

Aircraft engine sales: Rotax 912 series, 914 series, 503,447, 582
Rotax engines service: complete maintenenance as well as repairs, application and exchange of Rotax engines onto all types of aircraft 
We provive spare parts for Pipistrel, Rotax, Storch. The spare parts system is known as the AOG system - all parts are constantly on stock!

Pipistrel also represents a range of avionics and offers maintenence and installation (navigational equipment, communication equipment, transponders, engine data systems...), auto-pilots (TruTrak and Dynon) distributorship and application.

Avionics suite solutions: application, maintenance and alteration of different aircraft systems (on request)

The core of our maintenence department is the customer support and advice service. In addition, we offer:

Educational programs:
-training for Pipistrel aircraft maintenance and repair mechanic (master and refresh course)
-training for Rotax engines maintenance mechanic (Rotax authorised course)

All the personnell is highly trained and always improving their knowledge, both by the means of Pipistrel's own training programs and licenced Rotax technical training.
You can see the maintenence certificates as the proof of our quallificiation HERE.

All the repairs and maintenance are performed in a modern, clean facility with all the newest high technology equipment available.
We offer technical support for the duration of the entire life-time of our products and warranties of different length including life-time warranty for certain products and services. 

We will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Leon Brecelj,
head of Service department and After-sales support

Service department crew:

(left to right)
Matej Fučka, aircraft mechanic
Leon Krašna, aircraft mechanic
Leon Brecelj, head of Service department and After-sales support
Igor Kosta, engine specialist, Pipistrel contract cooperative
bottom row:
Tomi Lavrenčič, engine technician