Pipistrel is under direct monitoring of the Directorate for Civil Aviation of Republic of Slovenia (Civil Aviation Authorities - LINK) and holds all relevant certificates for its operation and products.
The DCA regularly audits our production, design, maintenance, repairs as well as quality control procedures and acts as the prime certification authority for our products and personnell. Please do note that in most countries the production of light sport aeroplanes is not at all monitored by any Civil Aviation Authorities, and that Pipistrel is very special!

Being under the authority of DCA is unique and a direct statement on how advanced and well controlled the whole aircraft design, production and test procedures at Pipistrel are.
As an owner, you can be assured that your aeroplane is designed, manufactured and tested up to the very same design- and production-standards that are valid for General Aviation!

Pipistrel currently holds:

National Design Organisation Approval (DOA) Certificate SLO.DOA.002
DOA Slo certificate2
DOA - Design organization approval certificate - Part 21J: SI.21J.524
(Potrdilo o odobritvi design organizacije - Del 21J)

DOA 21J 524 a DOA 21J 524
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Nacionalno spričevalo letalskega proizvajalca

nacionalno spricevalo proizvajalca 1 nacionalno spricevalo proizvajalca 2

POA - production organisation approval certificate - Part 21G: SI.21G.0002
(Potrdilo o odobritvi proizvodne organizacije - Del 21G)

  POA SI 21G 0002   POA SI 21G 0002a


Repair station certificate URSCL-RSC-06

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For aircraft certificates please see individual sub-pages for each aeroplane in question.
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