Customised products

Looking for a fully custom-made aeroplane for your special project? You have arrived to the right place!

Pipistrel is the World leader in customised aviation product. Special mission, super long range application, loitering capabilities second to none, mapping applications and more - all these have already been provided to selected customers.

Now, we are offering our capabilities to everybody who purchases a Pipistrel product! When ordering a Pipistrel aeroplane, you can let us know about your special project and we will do our best to provide you with a safe, reliable and effective solution.

Of course, modifications need not be always be radical and associated with extra costs. We are sure you will love the most common customised item on our aeroplanes. If you choose the optional interior made of premium quality leather, it can be fully customised free of charge!

usnje1 usnje2 usnje3 usnje4

You can choose from more than 20 individual shades and textures of specially treated, long lasting and easy to maintain real leather...  

The instrument panel of every aircraft is fully customisable free of charge as well!

- Installation of a gyro-stabilized camera gimbal, mounted on the wing

   SW with gimble2   SW with gimble4

More complex solutions that we have already realised include (pictures coming soon):
- Multi-use wing attachment point, attachment for various sensory applications
- Look-down camera system for mapping purposes, mounted behind the cabin
- Super-long range fuel tanks for special projects, around the world flight etc.
- Removable side-door for air-to-air and air-to-ground photography
- Full IFR capable avionics for cost effective training
- Super-light structure for racing and competition purposes

The team of our engineers and technicians are now waiting for the next challenge, so your special project may soon become a reality!

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