Take a tour around the Pipistrel Factory!

You can now take a short virtual tour around the Pipistrel factory with the help of these photos!
The Pipistrel facility is composed of two parts - the older building which houses the entire production of aircraft as well as quality control and management offices -
and the new, state-of-the-art, energetically self-sufficient and environmentally friendly building right next to it, where the research, development and prototyping happen.


Welcome to Pipistrel!

The main entrance - this is the first thing you see when you arive to our facility. The flags greet you from the right and the facade of the new building with photovoltaic panels is in front of you.

A view of the driveway and the parking lot.

 The entrance to the administrative complex. Here you enter the building - ring the bell and we will invite you inside! 

The view from the offices onto the parking place and a view of the exterior and the runway behind the complex. Here you might meet our van, just preparing to deliver a new aircraft to a customer!

Inside Pipistrel

As you enter the building, there is a staircase right in front of you which takes you upstairs to the offices.
The reception - waiting room always offers the newest edition of the Pipistrel magazine to read. Don't forget to check our INFO TV on the opposite wall! Above the staircase there are photographs of some achievements and milestones in our history.

The display cabinets and the trophies in the offices corridor give you a short overview of our products, history and greatest achievements.

General Manager's office
The small conference room

Continuing your tour of the building, the way leads you downstairs again - into the production hall.

This is where the aeroplanes are being made! The production line is U-shaped, with the warehouse right in the middle.

production line
View of the production line.

The view from the first floor to the production line, warehouse on the left. 

The production line and the aeroplanes   

View through the hangar door to the production line, warehouse in the background

The warehouse is the heart of the facility: this is where the aircraft really begin their existence.

The parts are organised in two ways - the smaller, more sensitive and easier to lose parts are stored in a robotic closet, the rest are stored on the shelves, sorted by the sectors on shelves with sector numbers.
To keep track of them, we use a system of barcodes - every single piece gets a unique barcode as soon as it is accepted into the warehouse.

5.) The hangar

The storage place for wings on the hangar wall and a view of the hangar. This is where the finished aircraft wait for the testing and the final delivery.

The hangar door 

New aeroplanes on their way from the hangar to the runway to fly for the first time!

6.) The Rotax service and engine workshop

The Rotax service.
Right next to the Rotax service there is a passage that leads into the new building.


All the wiring, connections and instrument panels are assembled here.

8.) Quality control
Quality control manager's office is located here.

The new building - R&D Institute

Next to the existing building, a new complex was built which now houses various departments of Pipistrel. The building uses all the newest systems for rational use of energy, it is completely energetically self-sufficient and has zero emissions.
Click HERE to read more about the energy saving systems in the new building. 

The new building has many functions.
On the ground floor there is VIZIONARNA.

vizi logo

Vizionarna is composed of several classroms. The larger room serves as a concert hall, gallery or a theatre.

vizi galerija

The classrooms are used in cooperation with local universities to house different training courses for our own staff.
In the evening, we rent them for the purpose of different educational, musical and art events.

The new building also houses a large testing facility for aircraft:
In the testing facility there is the only 8-axis robot in Slovenia at the moment.
It is used to make prototypes and 3D models.


At the back of the complex, there are chambers for fine preparation of specific parts (for example sanding) before they are mounted on the finished aircraft. This is also the part where wings and fuselages are stored, waiting for their turn to be assembled.

At the back on the ground floor there are the metal workshops and the welding workshop.
Here we mostly make tools and molds for aircraft production. The aeroplanes are made of high-technology composite materials, which are much lighter than metal.

There are several small storage rooms on the ground floor.

First floor:
The entire first floor is one single, large space. It is divided in two smaller units with painting and sanding chambers in between, serving as the dividing wall.

The chambers
The space at the front is where the Taurus and the Apis models are assembled.

The space at the back is larger.
Prototyping is done here and this is where the finished prototypes are stored.

On the second floor, there are several spacious rooms with a beautiful view of the surrounding valley. Research & Development department is housed here, as well as several research laboratories for cooperation with local universities.

On the roof of the complex, there is one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia. All the balcony railings are fitted with solar panels also.
The majority of the energetic systems are also housed on the second floor: The heat pump, the co-generation unit, the central supervisory sistem which regulates the systems and all the pipes that lead into different areas of the building.

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