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PIPISTREL USA - general distributor GD, TRIKE, UL, PROP

Mr. Michael Coates

Tel: +1 213 984 1237  

GD: general distributor for mentioned country UL D: country distributor for the ultralight program CERT: country distributor for the certified aviation program LD: local distributor for mentioned area P: promoter TRIKE: trikes UL: 3axis ultralight PROP: propellers S: service

Local dealer for Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa LD UL
Paul Randall

Tel: 651-295-8968
E-mail: #EM#7060776f44756f77617a7e796961237a63703c707b78#EM#

Local dealer New Mexico LD UL

Mr. Robert Mudd

Phone: 505 269 8234

e-mail: #EM#726e606676716b726c6d3b7e4c6c61633e727d7e#EM#

Local dealer for Southern and Eastern USA UL LD
Dealer for Texas, Louisiana , Mississippi,
Alabama, Georgia and Florida

Mr Rand Vollmer


Phone: (813) 333-1088
Cell : (813) 774-2127

Rand Vollmer

Assisting dealer for Texas, Louisiana , Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida:

Mr. Dave White

CFI SE, ME, Glider II & Sr. Parachute Rigger
#1 Rocky Top Boerne, TX 78006
(830) 388-0120


dave white

Local dealer for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan LD UL

Mr. David Dixen
Minnwis Aviation Inc

Phone: + 651 407 8906
Cell: +651 334 5466


Assisting Dealer for Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan:

Paul Randall
Tel: 651-295-8968
E-mail: #EM#7060776f44756f77617a7e796961237a63703c707b78#EM#

Local dealer for North-Eastern USA UL LD for states: PA. DE. NJ. NY. CT. MA. RI. NH. ME. VT.


Harrison Freer

Harrison Freer
Dealer for New York State and the North East

Harrison Freer
28 Garrison Rd
Queensbury NY 12804, USA

Phone: 571 243 8239
Email: #EM#68626471616074476f646b6260236d607d#EM#

Local dealer for Colorado LD
Ed Babovec
Aerovations Unlimited LLC
A&P, LSRM-A, Rotax certified
Longmont, Colorado

telephone: +1 303-587-0174
Email: #EM#656542736d756f747c7b6f6721787d6e3e727d7e#EM#

USA ed babovec

Dealer for California UL LD

After more than 10 years representing Pipistrel on the US West Coast one of our first dealers, Mr Vance Turner has recently announced his retirement.

Pipistrel is now looking for new dealers for Northern and Southern California to complement our existing dealer network and assisting with growing the Pipistrel aircraft brand and reputation in the USA market. If you think you have the necessary skills to represent Pipistrel, sell our aircraft, have access to a flight training facility using Pipistrel aircraft and importantly a maintenance and/or repair facility then you may be the person we are looking for!

Please contact Michael Coates for more information on this rare opportunity to be involved with one of the leading producers in the light aircraft industry.

frank turner

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